QBL SmartRod – Digital Measuring Rod


Digital Measuring Rod

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QBL SmartRod

Digital Measuring Rod

The SmartRod is a combination of Telescopic-rod, Rod-Eye laser detector, Measuring tape and Calculator.

The difference between the measured height and the reference height will be calculated and shown on the SmartRod’s LCD digital display.

Saves time and helps avoids mistakes. SmartRod shows how much has to be cut or filled.

In tape mode, SmartRod works without laser. The display just shows the height between the foot and the top of SmartRod.

At the top of the SmartRod you will find a 165mm laser receiver built that finds the laser beam. If the laser beam touches the reception field in any position, the height will be measured. This eliminates the use of an additional Rod-Eye laser receiver & measuring staff.



3000m dependant on laser

Accuracy: +/-2.5mm

Reception Angle: 120°

Water Protection: IP54

Operating Time: <160 hours

Height measurement range: 1m to 4m

Compatible with all rotating lasers.