Ex-demo Geomax Zenith20 GPS /GNSS rover systems


Geomax Zenith 20 GPS /GNSS Net work rover package.

with Carlson survCE software on board of the controller.



Zenith20 is complete and fully integrated satellite positioning systems. it comes of only two main component a GNSS receiver and a handheld computer that can be setup on a pole or tripod. the integrated wireless Bluetooth technology provides a completely cable free and light weight solution that is ready for an entire day’s work.

Compact design

With an integrated GSM antenna and quick swapable SIM and microSD cards, the Zenith 20 is made to be compact and easy for movement. Experience complete control with the receiver keypad.

Field Software

Zenith GNSS GPS receivers are supplied with Carlson SurvCE, a fully featured intuitive field software package. With large main menu icons tasks can be quickly found and executed directly with the touch screen. Your survey work is shown either “Graphically” or “Text” to ensure you see all of your design and measured data. Elements can simply be selected by using the touch screen display. Supporting a full range of import & export formats, your field work can be transferred directly to your office software.


Package Content

Package Contents

· 1 x Ex-demo Geomax Zenith20 GNSS receiver
· 2 x Batteries for receiver
· 1 x Geomax Zenith02 Data collector with Carlson SurvCE GPS software pre-loaded
· 1 x Telescopic carbon fiber 2.5m pole
· 1 x USB data cable
· 2 x Battery chargers
· 1 x User manual


Geomax Zenith 20 GPS brochure 

Geomax Zenith 02 brochure

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