G-Saver II Winch 14m


The G-Saver II is a robust, retractable fall arrest and emergency retrieval winch,


G-Saver II Winch 14m

The GSaver II should be used in fall arrest mode, with the winch mechanism disengaged, to protect a person from the danger of a fall. Should a fall occur, cable is pulled out of the block at an accelerating rate. When a cable speed of approximately 1.5 m/sec is reached the braking system is activated. This quickly arrests the user and cushions the fall. The winch mechanism can then be engaged to raise or lower the person to safety. This eliminates the need for additional equipment to retrieve the user and prevents the user from remaining suspended for extended periods of time, greatly simplifying the recovery process.

With both the suspended load removed and the winch mechanism disengaged, the cable retracts automatically back into the unit regaining its fall protection function.

The GSaver II is a retractable fall arrest device with a combined rescue winch to raise or lower a person to safety.