Gully Grab


Hinged bowl cleans out mud, silt, leaves, stones, solid objects from manholes, gullies, septic tanks etc. Bowl opens and closes using tee handle at the top of the central shaft.



These manhole tools have been designed to clear gullies and awkward cavities of debris and hazardous materials such as glass and hypodermic needles. Though simple in design these Valve Box Cleaning tools offer a most effective method of clearing an area before inspection or maintenance work begins. The tool, once lowered into the valve box, uses two jaws, being opened and closed remotely by means of a lever at the top of the tool. This allows potentially lethal and often concealed debris to be removed quickly and efficiently, in compliance with today’s health and safety guidelines.

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3 1/2" Bowl – 1m Long, 3 1/2" Bowl – 1.5m Long, 5" Bowl – 1m Long, 5" Bowl – 1.5m Long