Reconditioned Cable Detection EZiCAT i650


* 3 Month Warranty * 

* 12 Month Calibration *


As with all cable detection locators the EZiCAT i650 is robust and easy to use. Packed full of all the well-known, beneficial features included in the EZiCAT i600 but with the additional benefit of depth estimation. The EZiCAT i650 makes avoiding and locating buried utilities an easy and efficient task.

The intelligent EZiCAT i650 cable locator has fully integrated data logging capability, providing you with information on how and when the locator has been used. This information can then be transferred via Bluetooth® to LOGiCAT Software making downloading and analysing the data quick and easy. This data is useful to help identify training needs of users and for trace-ability of locating following a near miss, utility strike or similar incident.

The Network Rail approved cable locator is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used with the EZiTEX signal transmitter and EZiSYSTEM accessories for increased accuracy and applications.


State-of-the-art digital signal processing technology. Automatic controls – making the EZiCAT easy to use, requiring minimal user experience.

As soon as the EZiCAT is turned on it defaults to “Power” mode ensuring the most potentially dangerous current carrying services as detected first.

The LCD screen makes pin-pointing buried services even easier. This also indicates when the unit is due for service by displaying a wrench symbol after 12 months.

Hazard Alert

Hazard Zone feature indicating shallow buried services in both “Power” and “Genny” mode (within 30cm) alerting increased risk.

Depth Indication 

The EZiCAT i650 features utility depth indication, when used in conjunction with the EZiTEX Signal Genny or Sonde. This function enables the operator to estimate the depth of buried services providing an advantage when carrying out ground surveys and excavating.

Data Collection 

The EZiCAT i650 records and stores information whilst in use. Information is recorded every second after the instrument is turned on. These records are stored in the locators internal memory and can be retrieved and transferred via Bluetooth to PC or other electronic devise for analysis.

Standard Modes include

  • Power Mode – Locates power signals emitted from cables
  • Radio Mode – Picks up signals from radio transmitters that are carried along buried services
  • Genny Mode – Locates a specific signal applied by the EZiTEX dual frequency signal transmitter to a metallic underground conductor
  • Auto Mode – Automatically locates power or radio signals, helping to confirm the presence of services upon initial site occupation