Reconditioned Nikon NPL350 Reflectorless total station


Price £1200.00 +VAT Total £1440.00


Ready to use. Instant peace of mind

Service and calibrated for this Sale

With dual keyboard and internal memory

For sale is a used Nikon NPL350 reflector-less total station in an excellent condition,

with a detachable tribrach, internal memory, data output port for connecting to

computer or external data collector. Comes with 1month warranty.

Onboard programs:

2 point Reference line / Arc

RDM (Remote Distance Measurement)

REM (Remote Elevation Measurement)

Vertical Plane

Slope Plane

Offset measurement

Stake out

COGO consisting of following option:

Calculating angle and distance between two coordinates

Calculating and inputting coordinates


Area calculation



Minimum angle ready 5″(1mgon)

Angle measurement precision 5″ (1.5mgon)

Distance measurement precision +/-5mm

Range 1500m/4900ft to single prism

Non prism distance measurement up to 150m (600ft)

Minimum display of distance 1mm

                                                                               Dual display and alphanumeric keyboards

Selectable between meter or feet / angles degrees or gon


Nikon total Station Model NPL-350 Standard Set Featuring:

Refelectorless distance measurement up to 150m
Largedaul display and alphanumeric keyboard.
5″ Angle accuracy (readings to 1″)
Distance range of 1500 m to single prism with (5mm+2ppm) distance accuracy
10,000 points with up to 8 jobs internal memory.
Input and display in meters or feet and inches
Dual-axis tilt sensor

Package Contents

  • Used Nikon NPL350
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Case
  • 1 x Copy of user manual
  • Certificate of calibration valid for 12 months