Used Spectra Precision DG511 Pipe Laser


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Geo Survey Instruments Ltd are selling this used Spectra Precision DG511 Pipe Laser – Package comes with Target, Plate Holder, Battery, Charger and a 12 month Calibration Certificate (can be personalised on request).

The rugged Spectra Precision DG511 Pipe Laser is built for long lasting performance and reliability for laying pipes.
The DG511 is fully waterproof and can be washed down after working in the muddiest trenches. Setting grade is simple. The grade can be entered directly onto the laser or via the infra-red remote control. Once the grade is set it can also be locked avoiding errors by someone accidentally changing the grade.
The DG511 has a bright beam that can be easily spotted in the pipe and enhanced with the patented target that bends the beam upwards making it easy to see when looking down at the pipe reducing the need to bend down to see the beam when in the trench or standing above the trench.