PK Type Survey Nails


A superior quality heavy duty hardened steel survey nail, gives maximum holding power with pin-point accuracy.



Made of an especially durable steel that is zinc plated for corrosion resistance the ribbed threads assure a permanent fastening into most materials.

Once they are into masonry they won’t work loose and the fine indent in the head of the masonry nail can be used to receive a surveyors plumb-bob or for accurately aligning Levels Theodolites EDMs etc. through the instrument’s optical plumbing device.

These nails come in boxes of 100 and can be used for fastening nailing channels to tile or concrete structural securing in frame attachments to housing foundations and for securing furring channels overhead in suspended ceilings.

Masonry nails are also convenient for use as distance indicators general markers bench marks etc.

Safely fasten highway lane markers such as Disk-Marks to road surfaces hold traffic counter tubing to highway for road testing and to secure guard-rails to concrete foundations.

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25x4mm, 32×6.35mm, 38×6.35mm, 60×6.35mm, 64×6.35mm