Radiodetection CAT4+


The C.A.T4™ represents the latest evolution of the highly popular Cable Avoidance Tools, as pioneered by Radiodetection, enabling operators to work more efficiently, more safely.



The CAT4+ also includes depth estimation to help you gauge the depth of buried utilities as well as identifying them quickly. The Avoidance Mode allows you to search for and locate Genny, Power and Radio signals and the power mode detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables.

The CAT4+ is simple to use and training can be completed in less than a day so that all staff will be able to use the equipment safely and efficiently.

When used with the Genny4, the CAT4+ can estimate the depth of buried services once pinpointed.

Standard Modes include:

Avoidance Mode – Simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, Power and Radio signals for rapid surveying
Power Mode – Detects electromagnetic fields emitted from power cables
Radio Mode – Detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes
Genny Mode – Detects the signal transmitted by the Genny4

Additional extras:


Minimise the risk of hitting a shallow cable with the optional StrikeAlert™ which has been enhanced and optimised to reduce the instances of false warnings










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CAT4+, CAT4+ with StrikeAlert