vivax vScan (Cable Avoidance Tool)


The vScan is the latest in Cable Avoidance Tools from Vivax – Metrotech.

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Vivan vScan (Cable Avoidance Tool)

The vScan utility avoidance tool has been designed to make buried utility detection a simple and cost effective process. You don’t need to be an electronics expert to get the most out of the vScan. Main features and operational controls are in keeping with industry standards so minimal training is required

Worksite friendly controls combined with the latest electronic hardware and software, make the vScan the premier utility avoidance tool available

A large dot matrix display gives the vScan the ability to display signals in a clear, unique way. ABS mouldings and rubber protection buffers, ensure the vScan continues to give reliable service even in the harshest of conditions. Together with the dual frequency transmitter, data logging, optional metal manhole cover detector, GPS, and Bluetooth, the vScan is available in various models to suit all applications. When operating outside user guidelines, various alarms can be triggered to encourage correct usage

Other Models Are Available, Metal Mode/Bluetooth/GPS – Please Call For Details




Package Contents

VScan Standard Receiver

Alkaline Batteries

USB Lead



Large, high resolution, high contrast dot matrix display: makes signal interpretation simple and intuitive

Auto backlight: for use after dusk

Compass line direction indicator: ensures correct alignment over utility

Visual, audible and vibration alerts: alerts can be set for: shallow cable, overload, excessive swinging and overhead cables

Focused 32 or 131kHz active locate signals: less confusing than dual signal locate

Passive signals: power, radio and also as a free option, cathodic protection (CP) 100Hz

Depth measurement: configurable on/off

Current measurement: helps positively identify the targeted line.

Simple two button operation: on/off and information (such as depth and current).

Large toggle operated mode switch.

Large rotary sensitivity control.

Volume protection: is a feature to prevent unexpectedly loud output. (meeting health and safety requirements.)

Variable volume settings.

Movable speaker: allows the user to place the speaker against the ear while holding the receiver at arm’s length.

Robust ABS casing with rubber protection bumpers for all site condition use.

Weather sealed to IP54.

2GB auto data logging: helps identify usage and training needs.

Areas and points of interest logging: helps filter relevant data for reports.

Reliable and quick, USB download interface.

MyvScan: software management tool for configuring the locator and downloading data to create reports etc.

AA battery pack holds six AA alkaline batteries.

Carry bag: spacious canvas carry bag holds the receiver, transmitter and all optional extras and accessories.

2 Year calibration / service period