Remember we don’t have 9 lives… Is your CAT in Calibration?

Remember we don’t have 9 lives… Is your CAT in Calibration?

Undertaking any excavation will inevitably bring site workers into close proximity to underground utilities (electricity, gas, telecommunications, water). Consideration should always be given to knowing the exact location of all buried utilities before and during the excavation process.

To safeguard against utility strikes, a cable locator is used for detecting the presence and proximity of buried utilities.

When an alternating current (AC) travels along a cable, an electromagnetic field is generated. The alternating current not only creates a magnetic field but also the oscillation of the current between positive and negative creates a frequency known as Hertz (Hz). The electromagnetic field generated by an AC current can be detected by a cable locator (CAT).

Geo’s specialist, experienced team provide a thorough high quality repair or service every time. It is recommended that the majority of cable locating equipment is serviced and calibrated every 12 months.

We understand the importance of downtime and always endeavour to turn round your equipment swiftly. If however you need a replacement whilst yours is in our workshop, then you can always hire a CAT.

If you need to upgrade your CAT we also sell a range of locators. We have an expert team on hand ready to answer your questions.

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