Nedo Laser mEssfix 80

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The Nedo Laser mEssfix80 has a measuring range of 0.05M to 80M and an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm.



The Nedo Laser mEssfix80 has a measuring range of 0.05M to 80M and an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm.

Measurements can be taken from the device’s front edge, back edge or multi-functional end piece with automatic position detection. The multi-functional end piece allows rapid and simple measuring of diagonals or taking measurements out of corners. The laser mEssfix80 automatically detects the position of the multi-functional end piece and takes this into consideration when displaying the measured length, thus avoiding costly measuring errors. The multi-functional end piece can of course be used as a slide stop when measuring from outer edges.

Numerous measuring functions help to save time during surveying operations. The last ten measurements can be stored and recalled.

The laser mEssfix80 is extremely robust.The casing is dustproof and splashwater protected in accordance with IP 54.

Measurements are easy to read off from the clear, back-lit 3-line display. Measurements of distances up to 80M are calculated as quick as a flash and with millimetre accuracy

The Laser mEssfix calculates areas and volumes in next to no time and can determine inaccessible heights using the Pythagoras function with two or three measurements.



Package Contents

Laser mEssfix 80 Soft carry pouch Instruction manual 2 x AAA batteries


Multi-functional end piece with automatic position detection Clear, back-lit 3-line display Area and volume calculation 2 Pythagoras functions Single or continuous measuring Calculator function (+/-) Memory for the last ten measurements Small, handy and robust IP 54 splashwater protection