GEOMAX ZAL320 Auto Level
With the ZAL320 GeoMax introduces an automatic level to the construction industry designed for your daily levelling tasks with outstanding price-to-performance ratio. Meeting the IP54 class specifications guarantees all weather operation of the ZAL320 and provides you with an instrument that “Works when you do!”.





GEOMAX ZAL320 Auto Level

Get all your tasks done with GeoMax´s level flagship. From daily levelling tasks to high accuracy – the ZAL300 Series is your first choice where robustness, comfort and accuracy count.
It simply “Works when you do!”

Built for toughest conditions

The ZAL320s class leading optics and magneX™ compensator are imbedded in a sealed and shock protected housing making it highly resistant to bumps and all weather conditions. Even following a short drop the GeoMax ZAL320 continues to works with the same reliability and accuracy.

With four different types of magnifications, 20x, 24x, 28x and 30x, the ZAL300 series offers the accuracy of your choice. The patented magneX™ compensator system from GeoMax used in the ZAL300 series with magnetic dampening makes stuck a thing of the past.

Class leading optics
• Easy and convenient read-out
• Fast and easy focusing
• Gas-filled telescope body for
clear view

2.5mm/2.0mm/1.5mm/1.2mm (ZAL330/328/324/320) Standard deviation for 1 km double-run levelling
30x/28x/24x/20 (ZAL330/328/324/320) Magnification
Erect Image
Double sided endless drive
Cross hairs with stadia lines
magneXTM, automatic, magnetic-damped
± 15´working range of compensator
360° graduation on horizontal circle
-20°C to + 50°C operating temperature range
Conforms to IP57 (gas filled telescope)
Concave and flat base for 5/8″ base screw





Magnification: x20 Accuracy: 2.5mm Min focus: 1.0m Horizontal circle: 360 deg