Picote Maxi Miller

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Suitable for drain cleaning, root clearing, lateral re-instatements, collapsed liner removal and more, the Picote Maxi Miller is a powerful multi-functional and very durable machine with a 30m/100ft range. For DN100 – 250 / 4″ – 10″ pipes.



The Maxi Miller is a durable machine.



-30m/100ft of 12mm / ½” shaft with thick outer casing.

-Suitable for drain cleaning & powering the Smart Cutter™, Twister, Collapsed Liner Twister and the Pipe Cutter.

-Suitable for the new Smart Spider.

-For DN100 – DN200 / 4″ – 8″pipes.

-Weighs 95kg / 210 lb

-1400rpm, 1130w output.

-Electric motor & safety clutch.

May require generator