Picote Midi Miller

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The Midi Miller: High speed drain cleaning, unique lateral cutters and smart small drain rehabilitation solutions.



Picote Midi Miller

Picote Milling Machines are designed for fast and efficient drain cleaning, including soft blockages, scale and calcium build-up, tree roots, concrete deposits, as well as failed liners and imperfections in the pipe


Increased efficiency and productivity / Save time and money

  • High rpms 500 to 2900
  • Variable speeds offer multiple service options
  • Consistent torque at any rpm ensures no loss of power during tough jobs
  • Get the most out of your machine with an extensive range of cutting and cleaning tools
  • Camera can be used safely while machine is operational, meaning you can be fast and accurate
  • Cables can be easily repaired and maintained on the job, saving you valuable time and money
  • Cable adaptor allows for smaller cable use – meaning greater versatility

Increased safety

  • Enclosed cable has no moving parts
  • The Cable Drum does not spin, only the cable spins
  • Electronic safety clutch as standard
  • Large emergency kill switch as standard



Range: 12m Cable, 12mm  Shaft Diameter with regular outer casing.

Pipe Size: For DN70 – DN200 / 3″ – 8″ pipes. Adapter for 8mm / ⅓” shaft for DN50 / 2″ drains.

Specification: Weighs 48kg / 106 lb, 1800 rpm, 1200w output, 110v input.

Features: Durable electric motor & variable speed control.

Push/pull system & stair glides for easy transportation. Easy to manoeuvre inside buildings

Suitable for drain cleaning & powering the Smart Cutter, Twister, Collapsed Liner Twister & the Pipe Cutter