Radiodetection Sewer Sonde


Robust sonde with a very strong enclosure, suitable for abrasive applications such as for use in sewers

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Radiodetection sewer sonde comes in a strong enclosure, making it suitable for heavy duty use in sewer systems. The Sewer Sonde has a long life for everyday use in all conditions.  It transmits on 33kHz and can be normally located to a maximum depth of 8m (26′).


Size: Length 168mm (6.6″), Diameter 64mm (2.5″)
Location Depth: 8m (26′)
Battery: 1 x PP3 providing 15 hours continuous use
Signal: 33kHz continuous or pulsed
(Reverse battery to change signal)
Pressure: 0.2 bar – 2m (6.6′) of water